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Your children's ages will determine the way you tell them about your pregnancy as well as answer questions about it. Children of all ages need emotional and educational support during their mother's pregnancy. Some parents find pregnancy's midpoint the optimum time to announce the news.

Sharing the news with siblings


If you have other children, deciding how and when to tell them a new family member is on the way can be a challenge. A good rule of thumb is to tailor the news according to the child`s age. Although children older than five usually can comprehend the events of pregnancy, the concept of "months from now" is too vague for many under age seven to fully understand. Try to tie the coming birth to something other than a specific date; "about the time of your birthday" or "when the leaves on the trees are getting green." For a child under age two, use only the briefest and simplest of terms.

Many couples do not think it is necessary to tell very young children about a pregnancy, because they don't believe the children will understand. But even young children will be able to see that mommy`s body is changing because a new baby is growing. Children of all ages, from infants to adolescents, have a great need for educational and emotional support during their mother`s pregnancy. Changes in the parent-child relationship can be stressful for the child and parent. The ages and emotional maturity of the child will determine, in part, his or her behavior toward a new family member.

Many parents find the midpoint of pregnancy a good time to announce the news. This is usually the time when the mother is physically showing that she is pregnant and many of the early risks and concerns of a healthy pregnancy are resolved. Just don`t tell a child of any age until you`re ready for the whole world to know. That kind of secret is impossible to keep.

The ages of your children will also determine how you answer questions about reproduction, pregnancy, and what the baby will be like that will no doubt follow your announcement.

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