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Not all Stationery is Stationary

Stationery is always on the move, zooming off to distant locations and jet setting around the world to keep people connected. It rarely stands still, so why does everyone keep calling it stationary? Despite a common misconception to the contrary, there is a difference between stationery and stationary that indicates more than a simple vowel switch. While "stationery" describes the charming paper products stylish people use to keep in touch, "stationary" refers to something immobile. Mt. Everest is stationary; stationery, on the other hand, is not.

And yet, this misspelling of stationery as "stationary" is so ingrained in people's minds that they will actually email websites to point out "typos" when a company correctly refers to paper products as stationery instead of stationary.

In addition to the stationery/stationary debacle, we face multiple paper-related misspellings on a day to day basis. For some reason, when most people try to type invitations, it comes out "invitaitons." Or, instead of discussing Christmas cards, our copywriters often accidentally type in "Chirstmas." And, in another classic case of mistaken identity, a mantle is a cape of some kind, while a mantel is the shelf above your fireplace where you proudly display birthday cards and holiday notes.

Now, typing in stationary, invitaitons, Chirstmas or mantle might not seem like a big deal–it won't stop you from using a search engine to find our site or anything drastic like that. But it is interesting to note that these keyboard mistakes are so common, they are nearly universal–probably because no one takes the time to point out the subtle differences between stationery and stationary or mantle and mantel.

To save you from the embarrassment of finding yourself one of the misspelling masses, try to remember that anchors keep things stationary, but stationery is elegant, enchanting and exquisite when you purchase it at Tiny Prints!

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