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Thank You Notes & Cards

Some people save thank you notes for big occasions, sending thank you notes to friends and family only after a wedding or birthday celebration. But thank you notes are a sweet gesture to share with loved ones at any time! In fact, a spontaneous or unexpected thank you note can often mean more than a plain old thank you note after an event.

If you are looking for ways to brighten up your best friend's day, or to give your spouse a special symbol of your love, try giving them thank you notes at unusual moments. If your friend stopped by on her way home from work just because she heard you were feeling down, send her a sweet thank you note the next day. Or, if you were sick at home and your spouse brought you soup and tea in bed all day, create a personalized thank you card for them.

Sure, these little acts of kindness might not seem outrageous enough to warrant a thank you note, but by sending sweet thoughts of gratitude their way, you will let them know how much you appreciate their support even when life might seem mundane or trivial.

As a nice little daily exercise in gratitude, try making lists of all the kind things people do for you throughout the day, from your mechanic to your landlord, neighbor and spouse. Then, when you get home select a few to thank in a special way with thank you notes. Your friends and family will start to feel the love in no time!

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