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Paper Thickness and Weight

...for birth announcements and other baby stationery

When you hold a greeting card in your hand, you can feel how heavy and yet how subtly delicate the card is. The weight of the paper is a critical attribute of any high quality stationery and very important to the appropriate theme and tone you want associated with your event.

If your announcement or invitation is printed on paper that is too light and thin, you run the risk of someone thinking you printed off your inkjet printer! And, while there are times for do-it-yourself publishing, an occasion as special as the arrival of your newborn or an invitation to a special event deserves the highest quality paper so it can be preserved as a keepsake. When your recipients open envelopes to discover a beautifully designed announcement or invitation on high quality card stock, they will immediately associate elegance, class and style with your special occasion.


The terminology behind measuring the weight of paper is complex and confusing. There are two basic systems in use:

  • The U.S. system which denotes the weight in pounds (#)
  • The Metric system which indicates the weight in grams / meters squared (g/m²).

The U.S. system is more complex because different types of paper (text, card stock, etc.) use different size standards for measuring weight. The metric system uses standard square meters to determine weight across all kinds of papers. A less commonly used metric system for thickness is Caliper, which is a measure of paper thickness expressed in thousandths of an inch.

Tiny Prints Paper Weight Definitions

Tiny Prints employs a variety of high quality paper types:

  • 100 lb White Matte Cardstock: Heavy weight thickness with a matte finish that feels uncoated to the touch, defined as true fine stationery cardstock
  • 100 lb Recycled White Smooth Matte Cardstock: Heavy weight thickness with a matte finish, a slight sheen and a smooth texture. The Tiny Prints recycled paper consists of 50% recycled content (30% of which is made from post-consumer waste fibers), and is completely acid-free and chlorine-free.
  • 110 lb White Matte Cardstock: Extra heavy weight thickness with a matte finish that feels uncoated to the touch, defined as true fine stationery cardstock

  • 110 lb White Smooth Matte Cardstock: Extra heavy weight thickness with a matte finish, defined as true fine stationery cardstock, that is coated with a non-gloss protective coating for extra durability, ideal for large format folded cards. Please note, if you would like to write inside your folded cards, we recommend using a ballpoint stick pen or a Sharpie. Please be careful when using a gel pen, rollerball pen, felt-tip pen, or any other liquid-ink based pens as there is a tendency for the ink to smudge if it is not completely dry.

Paper Weight Table

Arranged from Lightest to Heaviest Papers

Paper Example Pound Metric
Translucent Vellum Paper 17# text 64 g/m²
Copy Paper 20# text 75 g/m²
Linen Paper (common in resumes) 70# text 104 g/m²
Index Card 110# text 200 g/m²
Linen Card Stock 80# card stock 216 g/m²
High Quality Stationery 100# card stock 264 g/m²

Tiny Prints Paper Weight Table

When we describe the weight of the paper, we use the following weight categories to help you understand the weight and thickness of the paper.

Tiny Prints Definition Pound Metric
Extra Light Weight <110# text <200 g/m²
Light Weight 110# text 200 g/m²
Medium Weight 80# card stock 216 g/m²
Heavy Weight 100# card stock 264 g/m²
Extra Heavy Weight >= 110# card stock >= 300 g/m²
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