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Avoiding Classic Mistakes on Party Invitations

In order to send out party invitations you'll likely have to address some envelopes. Need to brush up on envelope etiquette? No problem. These helpful tips will ensure that your party correspondence is flawless!

Party Addressing


Address envelopes with black or dark blue ink. It stands out better in the mail and will ensure that your letters reach the intended recipients.


  • Do not use abbreviations in your social stationery, with the exception of non-professional titles such as Mr., Mrs., Jr., etc.
  • Professional titles such as “Doctor” should be spelled out.
  • Refrain from using symbols for the word “and.”


  • Write all house numbers in numeral form. The number "one" is the only exception—spell it out when it stands alone. For example: One Panther Way.
  • Write apartment numbers, suite numbers and zip codes in numeral form.
  • Avoid state abbreviations.
  • Do not abbreviate common address words like “Street,” “Boulevard” or “Avenue.”

Party Addressing

Return Addresses

  • For formal stationery, print your return address on the closed back flap of the envelope. Tiny Prints offers this service to save you time.
  • Center the recipient’s address on the front of the envelope.
  • Use the same color of ink on the envelope that you used for the invitation or announcement inside. You can also use our stylish matching return address labels!

Stuffing the Envelopes

The printed side of your announcement or invitation should be facing the recipient when he or she opens the envelope.

Party Addressing

These might seem like small details, but is anything really small when it comes to an event you’ve been carefully planning? At the very least, you want to ensure your party invitations arrive at the correct destination!

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