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Birthday Card Sayings for Friends, Family and Colleagues

If you're the creative type, coming up with clever birthday card sayings when you give out cards can be really fun. For the rest of us, just looking through cards with pre-written greetings can be an enjoyable experience. Either way you choose your greeting, just make sure that the message is appropriate for the recipient.

Birthday card sayings on friends' cards have the most flexibility. If you've been friends for a long time, you can choose nearly whichever card you want, without having to worry about insulting them or being improper. For bonus points, use an inside joke that only the recipient or a close group of friends will recognize.

On birthday cards for family members, you have to be a little bit more careful about which card sayings you choose. Of course they will be different for your grandmother's card versus your little brother's, but in many cases the whole family will end up seeing the card anyway, especially if it's opened at a party. If in doubt, ask yourself whether or not they could hang the card on their refrigerator for everyone to see.

Choosing a birthday card for a colleague who isn't a good friend, especially a boss, can be tricky and it's best if you play it safe. Some companies may have a more relaxed culture but in general, a standard birthday card is a good choice. If you want to include a joke, make it something related to work, but avoid jokes about other coworkers!

Even if you don't consider yourself a writer, adding personal touches to a card makes it much more special. Go ahead and create a customized birthday card saying for your friend, colleague, or family member, even if it's just a few lines after the pre-written message. They'll appreciate it.

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