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Birthday Party Games

Birthday parties aren't just made up of balloons, cake, and ice cream, party guests will soon get bored if there are no activities planned for them. That's why birthday party games are an integral part of any birthday party. So after sending out your birthday invitations be sure to spend a few moments planning what games you are going to play at your party. At a loss for ideas? No sweat! Below are a few age-old party games as well as a few fresh ones.

  1. Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Materials needed: blindfold, pins or tape, poster of a donkey without a tail. Spin the blindfolded party guest around and then point them in the general direction of the donkey poster. They will try to pin the tail in the correct position, the closest tail wins a prize. Remember that you can always change the game according to your birthday party theme. You can always pin the crown on the princess, pin the tail on the lion, pin the nose on the clown, etc.
  2. Marco Polo. Not just for pool parties, Marco Polo can be fun anywhere. Materials needed: blindfold. Blindfold the chosen person and then have them count to 50, meanwhile the other guests should spread out and be as quiet as possible. When the blindfolded person finishes counting they will call out "Marco", every guest must reply "Polo". Using the sounds and the "Polos" the blindfolded person must try to catch another guest. Whoever he or she catches is the blindfolded person next. You can always change the calls according to the theme of the party "Lion" & "King", or "Bat" & "Man" can be used. It's all up to you.
  3. Catch the Balloon. Materials needed: balloons. Arrange party guests in a circle and have them number off. The guest with the highest number will hold a balloon in the middle of the circle, and then call out a number while dropping the balloon, the person with the called number will try to catch the balloon. If they catch it then the person in the middle remains there, but if they miss or the balloon touches the floor then they are now the person in the middle.

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of games that you can play at your birthday party. Remember to try to keep everything within the theme of your party including your invitations and birthday cards.

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