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Do I Still Need Business Cards if I Use LinkedIn?

If you're considering not printing another batch of business cards or even ditching business cards altogether you should consider a few things. First of all, though we are now in the middle of a digital age the business world is still run by quite a few members of the older generation most of whom don't use social networking sites such as LinkedIn.

Every business person should make carrying a few business cards a top priority for themselves. It's far better to have a business card handy then to be caught without when asked for one. Would you tell Donald Trump to hit you up on LinkedIn or would you sink into the floor wishing you had a business card when he asked you for your card?

Though our world is changing quickly and constantly finding more efficient ways to use our resources and digital information you should always have business cards for non-tech savvy people. Business cards have always been an important part of business and will stay an important part of business no matter what future projections by digital analysts are. Some people don't want to use social networking sites because they don't want their information online, others just don't care enough or have the time. The bottom line when it comes to social networking and business cards is to make your own hybrid of the two. Throw around your name with your social networking site as much as you want, but always keep a few custom business cards handy for those clients who don't participate in such sites. It is always better to appeal to both groups rather than choosing one over the other.

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