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What Information Should You Include on a Business Card if You Don't Currently Have a Job?

In these economic times it is very common to find yourself in that dreaded in-between jobs position. Though not having a job may come as a shock or even send you into a depressed or unhappy mood, this is actually an opportunity of a lifetime for you. People who currently have a job have less motivation to move themselves up a few pay levels or even to a higher position, someone without a job, well they have all of the motivation in the world. This begs the question as to what information you should include on your business card while you are in this state of limbo.

It's not a difficult question to answer and don't think that your business card is going to be devoid of information. As with every business card you should include your name and contact information such as cell phone number, email address, and fax number if you have one.

The space on the business card where you would normally place your company logo could instead be a photo of yourself, some sort of graphic that has something to do with your preferred line of work, or can be left blank. It is also acceptable to include a catchy phrase on your business card as a way to be remembered; if you do choose to do this then be sure to keep it tasteful and businesslike.

The bottom line to remember about your business card when you are looking for work is that having a business card sets you apart from other applicants. Be sure to offer your business card at any job interviews or include it with your resume and use every opportunity to ask for business cards and then to offer your own business card in return. Already having a business card will make you look professional and business savvy.

If you are considered including social networking or social media information on your business card then be sure to check out our other business card articles for more information on what social networking information you should share on your business card.

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