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Christmas or Holiday Cards

With all of the debates and information about political correctness, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out whether you should send Christmas or holiday cards to your friends and family. Some of your friends may not celebrate Christmas, others may object to the religious aspect of the holiday, and still others may be Jewish and celebrate Hanukkah or Muslim and celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr and have their own festivals around this time.

So what should you do? Your culture and traditions may dictate that your family celebrates Christmas and Christmas may be a huge celebration for you. If this is so, don't worry! Send out your Christmas cards. Your friends understand that this is your festival and will not be offended that you are sending them good cheer, well wishes, and news on this joyous occasion. They may even send you a Hanukkah card in return!

If your family does not celebrate Christmas, perhaps it would be best to choose a holiday card over a Christmas card. Remember that your friends know you and understand that your culture and traditions are different from theirs. Just as you would be happy to share in their culture and traditions, so they will be happy to be a part of yours. Everyone enjoys receiving a special card with an updated photo of their friends and family and a heartfelt message inside. Most won't care whether it is a Christmas or holiday card, they will care about the thought behind the card and that they were important enough that you thought of them and took the extra time to send them a Christmas or holiday card.

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