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12 Things You Can Do With Christmas Card Ornaments

We are in love with Christmas card ornaments, and we want to share that love with you! These fun and stylish Christmas tree decorations can be recycled and used year after year for a variety of purposes. Choosing customized photographs and ordering your Christmas card ornaments online can be a fun activity that involves the entire family.

If you need an excuse to buy dozens of adorable, customized Christmas card ornaments, here are 12 creative ways you can put them to good use.

1. Create Gift Tags for Holiday Treats

Giving away holiday treats to neighbors, friends and family members is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the holidays. Now, instead of labeling your gift plates and baskets with boring, generic gift tags from the store, you can add a touch of flair and style by using personalized Christmas card ornaments.

For plates of saran-wrapped cookies, simply attach the ornaments to the outside with a small piece of double-sided tape. For jars of jellies and bottles of sparkling cider, attach the ornaments to the necks with strips of brightly-colored ribbon. Your Christmas goodies will look much more festive when bedecked with customized ornament cards.

Christmas ornament gift tags on holiday treats

2. Christmas Letters

Write a heartfelt Christmas note to a loved one on the back of a Christmas card ornament, then present it to them along with a small Christmas gift. When they hang the ornament on their tree, it will serve as a constant reminder of your sweet words and the love you share.

3. Add a Personal Touch to Gift Boxes

Looking for unique ways to dress up your gift boxes? Simply wrap the boxes in colored wrapping paper as usual, then tie decorative ribbons around them and attach Christmas card ornaments to the ribbons. This will not only add visual appeal to your gift, but will also let the recipient know immediately who the gift is from. Your gift recipients may be surprised and pleased to discover that they can easily remove your customized ornaments from their gifts and hang them on their Christmas tree boughs.

Christmas ornament cards on snowy tree

4. Give Them Away as Gifts

Christmas card ornaments are adorable enough to be given away on their own, without being attached to a separate gift. Add a sweet, hope-filled message to the back of your ornaments and present them to nursing home residents, wounded veterans and other people who could use some extra love and care this holiday season. You can even write the words to your favorite Christmas carol or poem on the back to brighten someone else’s holiday.

5. Attach a Ribbon and Use as Bookmarks

A sweet Christmas card ornament featuring a photo of your kids can quickly become a bookmark for grandparents and other family members. Simply thread a medium-length ribbon through the top and you instantly have one of the easiest and most meaningful Christmas gifts you could ever give away to a loved one. If you have the budget to do so, make your gift even more meaningful by presenting the bookmarks along with a favorite holiday book.

hanging Christmas ornament cards from a tree

6. Create Christmas Tree Garlands

Wondering what to do with last year’s Christmas card ornaments? Create a beautiful photographic tree garland by threading the ornaments onto glossy ribbon and draping them loosely around your Christmas tree. This unique decorating idea is guaranteed to draw attention and admiration from guests who visit your home. It is also the perfect way to show off last year’s gorgeous family photos and remember the fun holiday memories you have created over the years.

hanging Christmas ornament cards from a string

7. String Along Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace mantel is no longer just reserved for stockings. Add a touch of personalized color to your mantel by threading Christmas card ornaments onto yarn or ribbon and hanging them along the fireplace mantel. You can also bring life to doorways and windows by framing them with strung-up Christmas card ornaments.

8. Send to Faraway Relatives

It can be hard to live far away from family members, especially during the holidays. Keep long-distance relationships strong by sending Christmas card ornaments to friends and family in every corner of the globe. Remember that it can take two weeks longer for letters and gifts to reach relatives who live overseas, so ship your Christmas card ornaments early to ensure that they get to their destination before Christmas.

9. Create Refrigerator Magnets

Everyone has at least one relative who loves to display everything on their fridge. Turn your Christmas card ornament into a refrigerator decoration by simply gluing a magnet to the back. This is also a great gift idea for individuals who are very particular about their Christmas tree ornaments and may not want to hang anything on their tree that doesn’t match their preferred color scheme.

10. Frame Them in a Collage

Old Christmas card ornaments can be remembered forever by framing them and hanging them on a wall. Although a single framed Christmas card ornament will certainly look beautiful, displaying a variety of old Christmas card ornaments together in a collage frame can make the arrangement look more striking and appealing.

display of Christmas ornament cards on string

11. Put Them in a Scrapbook

If you’re a crafty person, you may thoroughly enjoy collecting your Christmas card ornaments once the holidays are over and memorializing them in a scrapbook. You can also gather up other Christmas photographs and create an entire memory book that is completely dedicated to Christmases past.

12. Gravestone Ornament

Remembering loved ones who have passed on is an important holiday tradition for many people. You can honor them in a very personalized way by decorating their gravestones with Christmas card ornaments that feature pictures of your family.

Turn this activity into a treasured family tradition by allowing your kids to help you pick out Christmas card ornament designs to put on the gravestones of their grandparents or distant relatives. Then choose a day in December to bundle up with thermoses of hot chocolate and walk to various gravesites to honor loved ones with sweet, meaningful Christmas card decorations.

Whether you choose to keep your Christmas card ornaments or give them away, there are many different ways you can use them to bring joy to the holiday season.

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