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20 Creative Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

christmas tree decoration ideas

Are you tired of putting the same boring decorations on your tree year after year? Christmas is all about excitement and wonder, but few things are less exciting than a tree that is always decorated predictably in old, worn-out ornaments.

Freshen up your Christmas tree this year and bring delight to your entire family by trying some of these easy and creative Christmas tree decoration ideas. They may be simple, but they are wonderfully unique and can provide hours of fun for the whole family.

  1. Crafty Friends and Family Tree

    diy christmas oranments

    A crafty friends and family tree is perfect for those who want to show off their creative talents. To make this activity even more fun, take a quick trip to the craft store beforehand and pick up a wide variety of craft supplies (glitter, pipe cleaners, yarn, felt, etc.)

    Once you have collected some fun craft supplies, encourage your family members to use their imaginations and create their own ornaments for the tree. While it may take a few minutes to get the creative juices going, it won't take long for everyone to get caught up in the fun and excitement of this simple family activity. Each time you look at your decorated tree, you will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment at what you created.

  2. Photo Tree

    custom christmas ornaments

    A photo tree is a great way to show off your greatest treasures. Start by collecting some of your favorite family pictures, then making copies of them either at home or at your local print shop. Use the photo copies to create DIY ornaments with cardboard, hooks, ribbon, glitter and marker. You can even order custom photo ornaments ahead of time and decorate your tree with them.

    A photo tree is a great conversation starter and shows your guests how important your family is to you. You can make your photo tree even more interesting by adding photographs of your grandparents, great-grandparents, and other relatives.

  3. Local Flair Tree

    A local flair tree can be a lot of fun to create, and involves collecting items that can be found in the area where you live. Take your kids for a walk around town and see what natural items you can find. Berry-laden twigs, pine cones, feathers and other natural treasures make great Christmas tree decorations and also serve as visual reminders of the natural bounties that surround you.

    If you live in a tropical climate, decorate your tree with palm fronds, oyster shells, grasses and other items that are easily found in your area.

  4. Rustic Tree

    rustic christmas tree decorations

    Bring a touch of cozy, rustic comfort to your home by decorating your tree to look like a scene from a quiet countryside. Rather than using traditional holiday ribbon, wrap strips of burlap around your tree. Hang petite hand-knitted stockings, small slices of wood and other homemade items on the branches. Crown the top of the tree with an oversized burlap bow for added emphasis. Incorporate plenty of cream, brown and gold decorations.

    If you want to add a touch of shimmer to your tree without detracting from the rustic feel, add a few strands of golden beads or brown tinsel.

  5. Surprise Christmas Tree

    christmas tree craft project

    A surprise Christmas tree is delightfully fun to create, since it requires very little effort and is especially fun for children. Gather your family around and give them 15 minutes to scour the house in search of random items that can be used as decorations. Have plenty of strings and hot glue available in case some of the items cannot be hung up without a little extra work.

    Decorating a surprise Christmas tree will be so much fun for your family that it might become a beloved annual tradition.

  6. Snow White Tree

    snow white themed christmas tree

    Regular green trees can be a lot of fun to decorate, but a Snow White tree can make your home stand out and be noticed this year. If your budget allows, purchase a white or flocked tree, then decorate it with icy blue lights reminiscent of Snow White's eyes. Decorate the branches with items that remind you of the classic fairy tale, such as red apples, bluebird decorations and small round mirrors.

  7. Nativity Tree

    nativity scene christmas tree

    A Nativity tree can add beauty to the home while serving as a reminder of how the season began. Decorate your tree with stars, mangers, pieces of straw and other nativity-related items. Candy canes can be used to symbolize the shepherds' staffs, and children can hang up toy barnyard animals to symbolize the humble creatures near the manger.

  8. Sewing Supplies Tree

    sewing supplies christmas tree

    Sewing supplies are often vibrant in color, which makes them ideal for bringing visual interest to your Christmas tree. Hang brightly-colored spools of thread, shiny buttons, colored strips of fabric and ribbon from your tree for a unique and festive look.

    This is another decorating activity that the kids will love to be involved with. Just keep a close eye on them to make sure they don't get into your scissors, needles or other potentially dangerous sewing supplies.

  9. Cutlery Tree

    A cutlery tree is a fun way to show off some of the antique silverware you have packed away in the attic. The more antique the patina, the better, but bright new cutlery can also be used to create a completely unique look that will certainly draw attention. Tie the cutlery to your tree with bits of burlap or brown string to accentuate the antique look.

  10. Jewelry Tree

    jewelry christmas tree

    Put your grandmother's old jewelry to good use by using it to brighten up your Christmas tree. Pearl necklaces, sparkling bracelets and even colorful scarves can bring new life to your Christmas tree and direct your thoughts to loved ones who are no longer with you. Jewelry trees are also excellent conversation starters and will give you an opportunity to discuss your heritage with visitors to your home.

  11. Pinecone Tree

    pine cone diy christmas tree

    Use pinecones for a fun DIY project to accent your Christmas tree with a rustic touch. Send the kids out on an adventure to collect as many pinecones as they can, and once they return the crafting can begin. All you need is some string, a hot glue gun and of course, pinecones! For extra fun use spray paint or glitter on the pinecones before creating ornaments with them. Simply hang one pinecone at a time or bunch several together for a fuller effect.

  12. Metallic Tree

    Bring on the shimmer and shine with a fully metallic tree! Metals make a luxurious statement during the holiday season. You can choose a single metal or opt for a mixed metal look by combing gold and silver. String tinsel in whichever color you choose, and wrap your tree in a metallic base before adding all the shiny baubles.

  13. Advent Tree

    advent calendar christmas tree

    An advent tree is an exciting and interactive décor idea that turns into a daily activity. Create tiny numbered satchels holding gifts to hang around the tree, and each morning throughout the month of December there will be a small gift to open. Stuff the satchels with anything from candy to cash. The first to spot the number gets the prize!

  14. Hand-Painted Tree

    Hand-painted ornaments give a Christmas tree that special touch. Whether you paint them yourself or collect ornaments from local artists there will be a story behind each one. When you have guests over they'll love looking at the beautiful designs you've curated.

  15. Poinsettia Tree

    poinsettia christmas tree

    Add some natural festivity with everyone's favorite Christmas-time plant. Poinsettias are a great choice for creating a fully botanical-themed tree. The vivid red of the flower goes perfectly with a red and gold theme.

  16. Glitter Tree

    glitter christmas ornament

    Glitter takes the Christmas tree to a new level. Wrap the tree with twinkling light strands and tinsel as a base that will give a glittered effect, and then add glitter ornaments for maximum shine.

  17. Patriotic

    patriotic christmas tree

    Show a little patriotic sprit by decking the tree in red, white and blue. There are several ways to achieve this effect. Either use blue and red colored tinsel twisted together to wrap the tree or choose ornaments that show off the flag. You can also turn this theme into a collection of the places you've traveled by having an ornament to represent each place you've visited in the US.

  18. Holiday Card

    holiday card photo ornament

    Use your Christmas cards to create ornaments for the tree. It's a great way to display the cards as they come in the mail throughout the holiday season. You can create special ornament holiday cards or just punch holes into regular cards and string them on the branches.

  19. Pet Photo Tree

    If you're a loving pet owner, then you might consider creating a pet-themed tree filled with photos of your fur babies. You can add cute touches like bones for a dog-theme or fish for a cat tree. Just be careful the cat doesn't actually climb the tree!

  20. Angel Tree

    angel christmas ornament

    Celebrate the spirit of Christmas by adorning the Christmas tree with angels to watch over the festive season. Traditionally, angels sit atop the Christmas tree but adding them to the rest of the tree is a welcome change. Find ornaments to fit the style or have the kids craft some angels.

Choose your favorite Christmas tree decorating idea from this creative list, and you will no longer need to worry about having the most boring tree in the neighborhood!

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