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Popular Easter Candy for Kids

While Easter has been around for many years, it wasn't until the 1800's when chocolate eggs were first created in Europe. These remain one of the most popular Easter candy given to children on this festive day. For Americans, Easter is the second holiday in which the most candy is given and eaten. In the 1930's Jelly Beans were introduced and soon became another favorite for Easter treats with an approximate 16 billion jelly beans sold and consumed for this holiday season. They are the perfect treat to hide in Easter candy baskets or package and give with small gifts and toys. Kids of all ages, especially adults enjoy Marshmallow Chick Peeps, Marshmallow eggs, and Marshmallow bunnies and perfect for those who prefer Easter candy over chocolate.

If you are looking for more creative Easter candy favorites for kids, you can find solid milk chocolate bunnies. Easter PEZ and candy dispensers, Cadbury cream eggs, Kinder surprise eggs with little toys inside them, or even a little stuffed rabbit holding a basket full of assorted egg chocolates. Most of these can be purchased for affordable prices at a dollar store or discount store in your neighborhood.

Older children often prefer things more along the lines of gumball machines filled with months' worth of chewy delight. An older girl may even delight in a kit for making her own collection of candies or sweet treats. Candy making kits can be found online or in specialty shops. Young girls enjoy edible jewelry like candy necklaces and rings and are readily available in stores everywhere.

Easter Candy ideas for young children

Too much sugar or sweets are not advisable for babies and may even cause tummy trouble. However, if you still want to allow candy for your older baby or toddler you can suggest family give sugar free chocolates and candies or Twizzlers Strawberry Licorice sticks. Dum-dum suckers are popular among toddlers and preschool age children but bear in mind these could also pose a choking hazard.

Homemade Easter candy

If you prefer a healthier alternative but still would like to please your children with Easter candy they can enjoy, there are recipes you could find online or in cook books that will offer sugar free or low sugar ideas for Easter candy treats. Try your hand at creating your own marshmallow critters or a garden full of soft candy flowers and listen to your children "ooh" and "aah" as they reach for more. Recipes for "birds' nests" are easily searchable online or found in Holiday cookbooks, while chocolate suckers can be made with melted chocolate and fun plastic molds in a variety of Easter shapes like bunnies, flowers, and eggs.

Pair your Easter candy treats with a fun Easter card or customized Easter photo card to put a smile on your kids celebrating this traditional holiday!

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