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Envelope Etiquette — Types of Envelopes and Which to Choose By

A beautiful envelope makes an important first impression when you are sending meaningful communication through the mail. Whether you are planning a casual get-together, a more formal affair, or simply sending a note of appreciation, a well-designed coordinating envelope not only protects correspondence, but also sets a distinctive tone. With so many different styles available, you may be wondering how to decide which envelope best suits your occasion.

Here are some things to consider before selecting an envelope:

Envelope Sizes

Envelopes come in all different shapes and sizes. For the best fit, cards should be about 1/4 inch smaller than the envelope. This will allow for enough room to slide the card easily into the envelope.

Square Flap Envelopes

Offer a simple, yet modern look and are perfect for informal gatherings, thank you notes, and greeting cards. If you are sending shower invitations or birthday wishes, a square flap envelope ideally complements both occasions.

Euro Flap Envelopes

Feature a distinctive deep flap with a pointed tip, and are appropriate for formal black tie affairs or traditional events. Also referred to as "deep flap" envelopes, they are a great choice for sending birth announcements and wedding invitations.

Envelope Liners

Inner envelope liners add color and charm to invitations. Envelopes can be fully or partially lined, and are available in a wide range of colors to match any budget and social occasion.

Double Envelopes

This traditional combination includes a slightly smaller inner envelope and an outer mailing envelope, which lends a classic, formal look to wedding invitations. The outer envelope is formally addressed, contains a gum seal for closing and is designed to protect the inner envelope and invitation from the mailing process. The inner envelope arrives in perfect condition for guests, can be lined (outer envelopes are unlined), and contains the invite, response, etc. It can also be informally addressed and does not contain a gum seal (it is left open for courtesy.)

  • Insert liner until it touches the bottom of the envelope.
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