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10 Fun Halloween Facts

skeleton Halloween party invitation with matching napkin and labels for a festive spooky party with friends and family

Instead of mailing a simple Halloween card this year, you can doll up your design in a fun way with a few exciting facts about this creepy crawly celebration. You can add a printout of fun trivia to your Halloween cards, or base your entire Halloween card design off of one fact you find fascinating. Read through the following ideas to find the perfect tidbits to make your Halloween cards spooky, stylish and entirely unique!

  1. Halloween is the eighth largest card-sending occasion of the year, with approximately 30 million Halloween cards sent every year!
  2. Since the holiday was started as a harvest celebration, you can include apples, wheat, pumpkins or other fall crops on your Halloween cards for a sweet and sophisticated greeting.
  3. More than 36 million children will dress up in costumes to trick-or-treat this October. A Halloween card that features kids dressed in sweet costumes would be the perfect platform for such an impressive bit of information!
  4. The term "Jack-O-Lantern" is traced to an Irish tale about an infamously frugal man named Stingy Jack. Add a carved pumpkin to your Halloween cards to share this fun tale with your loved ones!
  5. The word "witch" is derived from the Saxon word wica, which means "wise one." To make a statement about going green this year, add this fun fact to your witch-themed Halloween cards with a note that says, "I always knew that the greener you are, the wiser you become!"
  6. In early Halloween celebrations, masks were used to frighten demons away from people's homes. A simple mask on your Halloween cards can denote anything from a chic masquerade to a frightening scene or a playful costume.
  7. The most filmed movie character is Dracula, so vampire-themed Halloween cards are a fantastic choice for film buffs.
  8. Orange and black are customary Halloween colors, with orange representing the harvest season and black representing the dark side of the holiday. As a result, this color scheme is ideal for your stylish Halloween cards!
  9. Nine out of ten parents confess to sneaking sugary treats from their kids' candy bags. A candy-themed Halloween card might help your friends cure their sweet tooth and help save the goodies for their little ones!
  10. 50% of Americans believe in ghosts, so including a scary spirit on your Halloween cards might be the perfect way to confirm your belief in the supernatural.
Black Halloween photo card for 2015 in haunting gold metallic letters with spider webs as a cool spooky card design
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