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Funny Valentine's Day Cards

If you're afraid that your Valentine's Day card will be laughed at, or your attempt at writing a love poem will you're your honey chuckle, then why not set out with that intention? Humor is a great way to spice up any Valentine, that's why funny Valentine's Day cards are so great - they show love and give your Valentine a reason to laugh!

Laughter is one of our best emotions, it not only feels good during the moment, but also brightens the rest of our day and makes us feel happy. Use this to your advantage, funny Valentine's Day cards are growing in popularity for this simple reason: people like to laugh.

Funny Valentine's Day cards can still be romantic. A card that makes you smile or laugh can be just as sweet and passionate as a straight-up romantic Valentine's Day card. Sometimes a humorous Valentine's card can be just the thing for a relationship that has not gotten serious yet, or if you are putting yourself out there by giving someone a Valentine that doesn't know that you think of them in a romantic light. Funny Valentine's Day cards are also great if you are giving someone an anonymous Valentine.

If you're not sure how to follow up your funny Valentine's Day card why not keep in tune with the tone you've set and take your Valentine to a comedy show, or watch a romantic comedy while curled up on the couch eating chocolates and sipping a bottle of wine?

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