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How to Choose a Graduation Announcement Template Online.

When printing your graduation announcements online you'll want to find the perfect template and paper choice combination. When selecting the right template it's very important to follow some simple steps to insure they turn out in high quality.

  • Decide what kind of paper you plan to print your graduation announcement on. If you plan to use colored or textured paper then you may want to go with a more basic design template. Printing images or dark fonts on deep tone paper may not be a smart choice. Always read the paper package to see what ink is suggested. There should be tips and instructions for printing.
  • Remember to match the measurements of the template with the correct size paper for printing. If you plan to mail folded graduation announcements then double check that your paper is the same on both sides. Some glossy paper may only be glossy one-sided. Paper with foil borders look great on announcements however may not match well with half-fold templates.
  • If you plan to use a photo printer then finding a template that allows you to insert your own senior photo would work perfect. Cropping the photo before inserting it into the template to print will work best. You want to select a template that does not take away from your main photo by clashing colors or making the design too busy. If you are wearing a blue cap and gown in your photo then you will want to shy away from a blue background in your template.

After you have found the graduation announcement template online that works best for your style and you are pleased with the personal touches you added, always complete one test print before sending your full order to the printer. Conducting a test print on regular printer paper the first time around to make sure everything lines up correctly is a safe way to not waste your announcement paper.

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