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Graduation Party Decorations & Ideas


Graduation is a huge moment in your life, and you’re probably planning a big bash to exult in your achievement. Now it’s time to set the tone for your celebration with these great graduation party decorating ideas. However, before you start on the good stuff, be sure to send graduation announcements to the people you care about.

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Be True to Your School

Show some school spirit and take advantage of a ready-made color theme by using your school colors as the jumping off point for your graduation party decorations. You can play it old-school with huge balloon bouquets and cascades of streamers, or go for a more understated, elegant take on the idea by choosing table linens and even fresh flowers in your colors. The great thing about school color themes is that the interpretations are endless. Serve food and drinks in your school colors. Request that your guests arrive top-to-toe in your school colors...

Get Silly with Seuss

Interesting themes can be hard to come by, but this one will be a hit with guests of all ages. The Dr. Seuss classic Oh, The Places You’ll Go! has become a graduation staple. You’re sure to receive at least one copy as a gift before your party’s over, but why not use it as inspiration for wild and wacky graduation decorations? Spell out quotes from the book with letter banner kits from your local party store. Crazy balloon topiaries, fluffy tissue paper pompoms and bright ribbon streamers will give your party a fun and carefree feeling.

Tassels Everywhere

It’s a tiny thing, but that little tassel holds such significance on your graduation. And it’s a natural choice for decorating, too! Buy a big bag of tassels at the fabric store and use them everywhere: as napkin rings, hanging around the necks of glass soda bottles, or string them on a length of yarn to make an awesome graduation garland. If you’re in the mood to make some DIY decorations, you can craft giant tassels from newspaper or tissue paper, and hang them from the ceiling. And why stop with tassels? Go all out with the graduation theme by finding creative ways to work in little graduation-related touches throughout your decor. Gold seals just like the one on your diploma are a great way to add a little shine to the proceedings. Buy a big box of notary seals inexpensively and go to town. When paired with a little ribbon, they look great on place cards, menus, favors, and more.

Pennants, Flags, and Banners

Go for a classic look with vintage-inspired decoration inspired by the school spirit of days gone by. You can make them from felt, fabric, or paper in your favorite color, or look for antique examples. These graduation party decorations would go wonderfully with a garden party theme, fluttering in the breeze as you celebrate your big achievement. Keep the theme going with tiny flags stuck into cupcakes and sandwiches, and use washi tape to make little pennant straw toppers.

Delicious graduation party centerpieces

Make your centerpieces serve double duty at the party by making them beautiful and good to eat! A quick glance at Pinterest will show you that the possibilities are endless. Cut cookies into the shape of your class year. Tie ribbons around Swiss cake rolls and stack them high like little diplomas. Or fill glass jars with all of your favorite childhood candy, and scoops so that your friends can help themselves. The only problem with a great centerpiece like this is that it might not last the night!

Take a look back

Own all those awkward school photos by putting them front and center in your graduation party celebrations. Don’t be shy! Everyone loves baby pictures, no matter how embarrassing, and half of the fun of graduation is taking stock of how far you’ve come. If you’re hosting a big bash, you can organize your tables by grade, with your adorable little face as a centerpiece. Try a photo wall behind the gift table, or scan and print photos before hanging them on the clothesline with cute clothespins for a great outdoor decoration. You’re sure to stir up memories and share a lot of laughs.

However you decide to decorate, remember that this party is for you! All those years of hard work have finally paid off, and it’s time to celebrate. Enjoy.

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