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When Should You Build a Photo Book?

Just what makes a good photo book?

Well, memories for one, but looking at the dynamics can be important. Let’s examine a few tips for creating the best photo book.

  • Pick good photos. Everyone loves a good photo, make sure that everyone in the photo looks good. After all, you are making a lasting memory, if someone is wrinkling their face or picking their nose, it’s probably not a good photo to choose.
  • Keep it in Focus: The entire picture should be crisp and sharp with no fuzziness (unless you are taking a picture of someone’s fuzzy head).
  • Use Clear Backgrounds, especially around heads: Watch out for funny objects growing out of people’s heads! If you have a halo, or a funny shadow, don’t choose this photo!
  • Watch out for Unintentional Subjects: Photos with people walking behind your subject or with a random leg/arm/foot are probably not the best photo.
  • Use Good Composition: Don’t distract the eye from the subjects at hand, you want the eye to be drawn to what you are taking a picture of, not the unmade bed or dirty toilet in the background.
  • Variety is the Spice of Life: Don’t choose several photos for your photo book that all look the same. Even if they are the cutest expressions on your child’s face, no one wants to see five pictures in a row that are basically the same photo with a different smile.

The most important thing to remember is that you are making and preserving memories in your photo book. Will you want to remember everything in the picture? Does everyone in the pictures like the pictures and approve of their use in your photo book? You don’t want to create family arguments due to your using a bad picture of your daughter Susie in the photos. Most of all, be creative, enjoy the photo book making process! It might be the most fun you have had in years!

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