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Easy Tips for Great Photo Cards

Kids move around a lot, and as busy parents you might not always find it easy to set up the perfect shot for your photo cards. Here are a few tips that might take the stress out of the photo shoot:

Keep it Natural

You don't need a fancy portrait studio or expensive equipment to take great shots. Just remember these lighting tips. If you're shooting indoors, pose your subjects as close to a window as possible and have them face the window instead of you. Chose a time of day when you can let natural light flood your space. If possible, avoid using a flash since it can give people redeye and makes your scene seem less natural.

If you're shooting outdoors, the opposite is true. Using a flash outside gives off an extra burst of light, which helps even out shadows and makes the scene look more natural.

No matter where you decide to shoot, remember to make sure that the main source of light is behind the photographer, not the subject (unless your goal is to create a silhouette effect).

Keep it Simple

It's tempting to go out and get everyone cute matching outfits, but it's truly an unnecessary expense. Odds are you have great outfits in your closets that showcase your personalities a little better. The entire family doesn't have to match perfectly so long as the clothes you pick complement each other. Dressing everyone in jeans and solid shirts looks nice, as does varying complimentary patterns.

Keep it Personal

The best photo cards are the ones that feature families at their most natural. Take a moment to snap a formal picture or two, then let everyone just be themselves. When your family has dropped all facades, get in close and capture their natural expressions. That's what your friends and family want to see!

All Together...

We know moms are notorious for being on the other side of the camera, but for once, hand the hardware off to someone else and get in on the picture. Photo cards should be of the whole family!

...Or All Separate

You did everything you could, but you still couldn't manage to snap a single shot where everyone looked presentable? No worries. Pick the best pictures of each person and put together collage style photo cards instead.

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