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How to Select a Valentine's Day Gift for Your Significant Other

No matter how well you know a person it seems that when February sneaks up on us like a thief in the night that we are caught without a clue about what to give our Valentine. With so many commercials and ads telling us that expensive jewelry and weekend getaways are the only truly worthwhile Valentine's Day gifts, it can be daunting to peek in our wallets and discover that there's really not that much left to use for a Valentine's Day gift.

Stop right there. Put your wallet back in your pocket and take a moment to think about your significant other and what they love. Valentine's Day gifts don't have to be expensive. In fact, they don't necessarily have to cost you a penny.

If your sweetie has been asking for some time for an evening alone with you then give them that time. If they love to read then pick up an interesting book for them at a used bookstore. If they love music, then find a free concert. Your Valentine's Day gift doesn't have to be an actual gift, time is also a gift, or you can give time and a gift that goes with that time. Give them a certificate for a foot massage accompanied by some yummy smelling foot cream, or give them a funny pair of chopsticks and then cook them a Chinese dinner where they can put them to good use.

The vital thing about Valentine's Day gifts is not how much money you spend on them, but rather how much time you spend actually selecting the gift. If your Valentine does love jewelry and you can afford it then by all means get them a pair of earrings or an expensive watch. If they will get so much more out of a box of chocolates and a single red rose, then that is what you should get them.

If you are still stumped about what to get your Valentine, then ask them for a list of Valentine's Day gifts that they would love to have and select one of those to get for them. It's not cheating to ask, it shows caring. After all, it's better to ask and know that they are allergic to roses then to not ask and make the mistake of filling their house with roses to surprise them after work. Once you've gotten that special someone that perfect gift, top it off with a Valentine's Day card they are sure to love!

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