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How to use Business Cards to Promote Your Brand or Personal Brand

Business cards are generally agreed to be one of the quickest, cheapest, and best ways to promote your business or yourself. Not everyone can afford to rent a billboard and business cards are your own personal mini-billboard meant to do one thing and one thing only: bring you more business and better business contacts.

That's all well and good, you might be thinking, but how exactly am I supposed to go about this? It's actually quite simple to use business cards when promoting your business or even promoting yourself if you are unemployed.

  1. Whenever handing out your business card do it in a professional manner, a simple "Thank you for your time, here's my business card if you would like to stay in touch. May I have yours?" will do perfectly.
  2. The flip side of this is that whenever someone gives you their business card you should offer yours in return.
  3. Don't pass out your business card like it's candy. It's not. Your business card is worth more than a simple piece of paper, it's your foot in the door of your next job or meeting with a potential client. Only give your business card where it is needed and wanted.
  4. If you are job hunting, attach your business card to every resume that you submit. It will make you seem more business world savvy and ready to take the job.

By following these business card tips you will see results for years to come. Business cards represent you and your business so be sure to choose a design that is perfect for you and include relevant information on the card. If you aren't sure about what sort of paper you should choose, or whether or not you should use a photo business card then you should browse a few of our other articles for more information on business cards.

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