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When is it Appropriate to Include a Photo on a Business Card?

Though photo business cards were once associated only with real estate agents they are now growing rapidly in popularity. A photo business card is a quick and easy fix to the problem that many businesspeople face after a huge conference or just when organizing their cards, the problem of "who the heck gave me this card?"

With a photo on your business card you have not only effectively solved that problem but you have also set your business card apart by the simple but successful usage of your face as a marketing tool. This leads to the question of when is it appropriate to include a photo on your business card.

The answer is simple: There is never a wrong time to use a photo on a business card. Your business card is an extension of yourself and your company; by using your face on your business card you are only further stamping your personality and image on your business. This creates a seemingly closer bond between you and your business and business dealings. This will only serve to set your potential business contacts at ease as they perceive right away that you not only take your business seriously but also consider your business a very close part of your life.

If you aren't sure about how to choose the perfect photo for your business card or are confused about what sort of paper you should choose when ordering photo business cards you can always educate yourself a bit more by reading some of our other business card related articles.

Just because it says "business card size" doesn't mean that your card always has to be about business. Think outside the box for fun creative ideas and ways to use "business" cards whether as a way to introduce yourself to other people with the same interests as you or as a way to inform people about the 5 steps needed start composting. The possibilities are endless!

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