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Does Your Mother's Day Card Recipient Have to be Your Mother?

Many times when purchasing Mothers Day cards people shy away from purchasing anyone but their mother a Mothers Day card. People fail to realize that Mothers Day isn't just for sending your mom a Mothers Day card; the holiday was actually created in order to honor all mothers. Though this doesn't mean that you have to run out and buy cards for every mother in the world, it does mean that you should consider purchasing wife Mothers Day cards, grandmother Mothers Day cards, and even give sister Mothers Day cards.

Though purchasing your wife Mothers Day cards usually means that you are assisting your children in picking out and paying for a card, you can also give a card yourself. There are many beautiful and meaningful wife Mothers Day cards that will help make your wife's day wonderful and let her know that she means so much to you as the mother of your children.

Giving your sister Mothers Day cards may seem a bit strange since she is your sister and not your mother. Just remember that you are honoring the fact that she is a mother, not calling her your mother. If you think your sister might find it a little weird you could also include a note in the card that says something like "I know you're not my mom, but I wanted you to know that Mothers Day makes me think of the best moms in the world so of course I thought of you! Two thumbs up for being amazing!" This lets her know the purpose of sending her the card is because you respect and love her and recognize that she is an awesome mom.

So when you are purchasing cards this Mothers Day remember to think of all the moms in your life, and especially consider getting your wife and sister Mothers Day cards.

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