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Other Purposes for Business Cards

Imagine yourself at a playdate with your son. Your son's friend is there and of course his mom, but there is also another mother there that you haven't met before. When you are introduced, the other mother hands you a small card that reads "Eric's mom" with smaller print below stating her name "Judy Settler". You've just experienced what is becoming a huge trend in our modern world. Business cards have come in all shapes and sizes for quite some time, now the next step is for everyone (and their mother) to have a "business" card.

Here are a few business card variations you may encounter:

  1. A mommy card. Like the example above, mommy business cards are growing in popularity. Contact information for your children's friends' parents is always necessary and it's super-handy when it comes in business card size.
  2. A pet owner card. Much like the mommy business card, a pet owner card can help you arrange playdates for your pooch or walking times with your neighbor's dog.
  3. Information for your business. Business card size information cards are useful in almost any situation. Whether giving you pointers about a new product or further information about a company, these cards keep information brief and to the point.
  4. Appointment cards. Many businesses now use business card size appointment cards. On one side is the actual business contact information and the other side contains your appointment information. Just in case you do forget to log your appointments in your calendar, if you come across your business card size appointment card then you will not only know when but where your appointment takes place.

Just because it says "business card size" doesn't mean that your card always has to be about business. Think outside the box for fun creative ideas and ways to use "business" cards whether as a way to introduce yourself to other people with the same interests as you or as a way to inform people about the 5 steps needed start composting. The possibilities are endless!

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