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Should You Include a Home Phone Number on a Business Card?

As the grey area between personal lives and your business life becomes all the more dense and difficult to understand, the question of how much and what personal information you should include on your business card always arises.

Including a home phone number on your business card is a difficult decision to make. By choosing to have your home phone number available to your business colleagues and contacts you should realize that this opens up your home to business. Literally. This doesn't have to be a negative thing, if you are a person that likes almost every part of their life to be connected, or who lives for their job then this is a perfect solution for those times that you forget to charge your cell phone or if you leave your cell phone somewhere.

For some of you it may not be a choice so much as a necessity. If you work out of your home and your office number is your home phone number then including your home phone number on your business card is not only a smart choice but the only choice. If you have children who sometimes answer your home phone then it would be wise to train them in how to properly answer a business call and handle passing the phone off to you or taking a message.

If you do like a clear line of separation between your work and your personal life then including your home phone number on your business card is probably not a smart move. There is a lot of other information that will fill up the empty spaces on your business card and a home phone number is completely optional and not necessary to run a successful business or give yourself an edge with your business card. If you're not sure about what information is mandatory on a business card then browse through a couple of our other articles on business cards to learn more.

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