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When Should You Build a Photo Book?

Each winter, Christmas cards and other holiday cards will flood your mailbox. Once you’ve admired the beautiful designs and enjoyed the sweet messages, it’s not always easy to know what to do with the card!

Photo books are all the rage these past few years. Quality books overflowing with memories and fun, what is not to love? Below are just a few of the occasions to think about putting together your own photo book.


What better time to record memories and quotes then a wedding? With all of the photo opportunities and memories being snapped, a wedding may very well be the perfect time to put together a photo book.

New Babies:

Perhaps the most ongoing photo shoot in the world is with your new baby. Every moment is a photo opportunity. So what better way to record all of your favorite first moments than in a photo book?


Vacations are a picture perfect moment to capture a photo book. Photo books are best when they are from a single event or section of your life. So clean off your lens and get ready to snap some of those perfect surf shots the next time you are in Hawaii!

Family Reunions:

Everyone has a camera at a family reunion, so put all those photos of Uncle Frank and the fire trucks to good use and build a photo book! This would make the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones!

Annual Yearbook:

Get together your favorite photos of the year and make yourself a photo book for every year of your life! What a great gift for your children, spouse, or parents. These are the sorts of memories that are treasured for years.

Ongoing Scrapbook:

Who says that a photo book has to be built all at once? Take your time and find the perfect moments to capture your life for the past and next ten years. What better gift to yourself and your children?

Remember, photo books make excellent gifts, so this year, build a few and give the best gift... the gift of memories. It's guaranteed to be a family favorite.

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