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Hot New Photo Book Trends

Things to Know

Things To Know About

Making a personalized photo book is a more popular pastime than ever before. With everyone carrying cell phones and cameras almost constantly, taking pictures is always convenient. As a result, creative new ideas for photo books are constantly coming out. Here are a few of our favorites!

Digital photography is by far the most popular way to capture memorable moments, and creating unique photo books online is now easier than ever. Many scrapbooking aficionados have cleared up their clutter and gone digital, which leaves space for that shiny new laptop in the craft room. Another plus to creating a photo book digitally is that the final product can be endlessly laid out and edited all with the click of the mouse.

But what happens when a digital photo book collides with a traditional scrapbook's kit of tools and embellishments? A mixed media masterpiece of computers and crafty-ness! Memory keepers everywhere are embracing the online experience and enhancing it with their own papers, stamps, stickers and keepsakes.

Another exciting trend is in the actual photography that people are able to showcase in each photo book. With memory cards increasing capacity to store more images all the time, photographers have the freedom to capture shots for backgrounds as well as the focus of each page to create the ultimate in personalized photo books.

Color continues to be a trendy topic in photo books as well, and online vendors are now providing numerous palettes for covers and pages. You can mix and match the full spectrum of hues from soft pastels to jewel tones and bold primaries to create a customized photo book tailored to perfectly suit your style.

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