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How Photo Books are Replacing Photo Prints

As the world continues to grow and change, so the world of photos and print evolves and improves. The latest trend is the gradual replacement of photo prints for the preferred photo books.

The very idea of the photo book is sensational. Imagine, your friends are over at your house for a nice dinner, they are waiting in your living room and they pick up the large book on the coffee table to leaf through. Surprise! It's page after page of your own exciting photos complete with captions, quotes, and dates. The quality printing is beautiful and the photos are both breathtaking and full of family moments and memories.

With all that it has to offer, it's no surprise that photo books are replacing photo prints. Photo prints, though they can be quality and serve a purpose, definitely can't embody the kind of memory making that a photo book can offer. Plus, photo books are a great way to preserve your memories. Photo prints can easily be ruined with a spilled cup of water or an afternoon in the sun, but photo books are much more durable and can withstand quite a bit especially if you decide to print on thicker cardboard instead of paper.

People want more for less these days, they want more photos, more memories, and more of their lives in one location. In other words, they want a photo book, not a photo print.

Photo prints will never go out of style; they still serve a niche purpose. But photo books are definitely the next new thing, something that will last nearly a lifetime. This is extremely attractive as everyone is looking for the best way to preserve and display their memories. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words... but a photo book? It must be worth nearly a million.

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