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Popular Designs for Kids Valentine's Day Cards

Passing out Valentines in class is a time-honored tradition that kids look forward to. It's not just the candy inside - it's the chance that they will be able to connect with that cutie sitting in the front row. For kids, Valentine's Day cards might be hard to create though. Here are some great kid's Valentine ideas to steal the heart of their crush.

  1. Special Wrapped Chocolate Bar. Take one of your favorite chocolate bars, remove the outer wrapper, so that only the foil is left. Then create your own name for the candy and write a sweet message on the back. Tip: use a silver marker on dark paper
  2. Poem Valentines Card. Not everyone is a poet, but everyone can make rhymes. Write a few lines about your sweetheart or love, and try to rhyme them. It's ok if they're funny or don't rhyme exactly. It's the thought that counts.
  3. Animal Valentine's Cards. With this kids Valentine's Day card idea, you have a lot of room to play with. Choose your favorite candy, and use construction paper and tape to shape it into an animal. Any animal is ok - try butterflies, elephants, giraffes, horses, or any of your other favorites.
  4. Lollipop Flower Card. This is a cute and simple kids valentine to make. You just need some construction paper and a lollipop. Cut the paper into the shape of a heart, and stick the lollipop through the middle to create the stem of the flower. You can even write some messages on the petals.

With the infinite possibilities for creating kids Valentine's Day cards, it's not difficult to make a great card. It's a fun holiday, so the card doesn't have to be perfect, it just matters that you are able to express your feelings. Even if the card is not hand-made, a Valentine's card written in a kid's own words is a special thing and will be appreciated.

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