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Who Should Receive a Valentine's Day Card?

Valentine's Day is a time for lovers and significant others to declare their love for each other. But are those the only people to whom you should send Valentine's Day cards and from whom you should expect to receive them? More and more, Valentine's Day is not just for romantic love, but also for love and friendship. Here are a few people to whom you should consider sending a Valentine's card.

  • Grandparents: Your grandparents will love receiving a Valentine from you with a simple, sweet message inside about how much they mean to you.
  • Parents: Where would you be without your parents? Send them a Valentine's card to remind them how much you love them.
  • Siblings: Brothers and sisters can be difficult to keep in touch with, and what better way to keep in touch than sending them a Valentine's Day card?
  • Children: Your kids will love getting a unique Valentine's card from their mom or dad. Also, it will help set an example for them as they see you passing out Valentines to each of your friends. Help them select and send their own Valentine's cards to their friends and classmates as well.
  • Friends: Let your friends know how extraordinary they are with a funny or cute Valentine.
  • Co-Workers: Don't let your co-workers be forgotten on this special day! Bring a stack of Valentines to work along with a box of chocolates to share and you're guaranteed to be a favorite all week long.
  • Neighbors: Don't just share this day with your friends and family, but take a box of chocolates around the neighborhood with a few Valentines. Next time you need someone to house-sit while you are on vacation, you may have trouble choosing from all of the offers!

Valentine's Day can be shared with anyone and everyone, but of course don't forget your sweetie! The best Valentine's card should be saved for him or her. Give only the best to your best love.

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