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Should I Print My Own Business Cards?

In these economic times it can be tough to find the money to print business cards. Sure you can get away with printing your own business cards, a good printer cartridge and some cheap cardstock will carry you through but have you considered the entire cost of your home printed business cards?

Though you may have an okay or even amazing printer, a professional printing company is going to have a printer that you could never afford or even want to afford. The quality of printing from a professional company compared to the printer you have at home is like comparing French wine to Las Vegas tap water.

Quality of printing aside, a professional printing company has access to and knowledge of cardstock. Though it may look the same on the aisle at Office Depot, the reality is that cardstock covers a wide range of different varieties. A professional printing company can help you to choose the right kind of cardstock for your printed business cards and will be sure to have access to the best and highest quality.

The last thing that you should consider is your business card design. Though programs like Microsoft Word offer business card templates, these are easily recognizable and might turn your potential business contacts off. A professional printing company will have hundreds if not thousands of business card designs from which you can choose and may even have design experts who can help you customize your business card design making it truly unique.

The bottom line to consider when you are thinking of printing your own business cards is to ask yourself is it worth the cost? The cost of quality, time, and maybe even business contacts and clients. Do yourself a favor and choose a professional printing company to print your business cards, you won't regret it.

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