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What Social Media Information is Appropriate to Include in a Business Card?

With the growing usage and popularity of social networking and social media the business world is seeing a further graying of the line between work and personal lives. It can be difficult to wrap your mind around the ins and outs of figuring out exactly what personal information is appropriate to include on a business cards on in a business setting. Here are a few guidelines you might find helpful:

  1. Things like cell phone numbers, office numbers, mailing addresses, etc. are not personal information and should be included on your business card.
  2. Your home phone number is not an ideal piece of information to put on your business card, however if you are running a business out of your home and your home phone number is also your work number then be sure to answer every call as if there were a client and not your mother on the other end.
  3. Facebook, MySpace, blogs, and Twitter are all great ideas and excellent ways to network as well as getting your name and company recognized. Remember that if you choose to include any social networking information on your business card then you should make sure that your entire profile is squeaky clean; profanity, lewd content, political discussions, and personal pictures should be non-existent or at least kept to a minimum. You don't want potential clients scared away by your lack of decorum in what seems to be your personal life.
  4. If you are active on LinkedIn, you should definitely put your profile address on your business card. Unless your other social media profiles are fully professional, it's reasonable to only include LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great network for connecting with business contacts, since it can act as an online resume.

Even if you choose not to include any social media or social networking information on your business card once potential clients or employers have your business card in hand, the chance that they will search the internet for your name and any information about you is very high. People are becoming more and more tech savvy every day and you should use this to your advantage by making sure that every bit of online information about yourself is complimentary or at least neutral.

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