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Tips on How to Use Your Business Card as a Networking Tool

Owning business cards isn't actually about what is on the card, or even getting a job the way you would normally think that a business card would help you. What are we talking about? We are talking about the hidden advantages and strategies of having a student business card.

First of all, your card should be impeccable. If a potential employer does take the time to read your card then your information should be correct and have as many ways to contact you as possible. The easier it is to contact you, the better chance you have of getting a call back.

Second, you should avoid using a .edu email address (unless of course you are a professor). Employers sometimes look for these addresses as a way to weed out candidates who won't be as committed to the job.

Now that you have a business card, you are ready for the secret of student business cards. The majority of the time your business card isn't about what you are giving out, but rather what you are getting in return. The line "Here's my business card, could I get yours?" will get you solid gold contacts that you may have not had the guts to ask for before. Because you have a business card this demonstrates that you are a serious person and sets you apart from other people that may be at the same job fair or event as you.

Finally, by using your student business card to obtain someone else's card you have firmly secured the ball in your court. You now have the power to contact this person and you should do so as soon as possible if you wish to keep them as a contact. A small note or email will suffice to keep you in the forefront of this person's mind and will seal them as a business contact for you.

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