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Thank You Notes - The Importance of Teaching Kids Gratitude

Writing thank you notes is a time-honored way of showing appreciation for gifts received. It is also a skill that every child should learn as a part of their upbringing. But how exactly should you start? Below are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Your child should at this point already be trained to say "Please" and "Thank you" and so the next step is to talk to them about how writing a thank you note is an even better way of saying "thank you" for gifts or services received.
  2. After you've spoken to your child, you should begin writing thank you notes with them whenever possible. Don't leave your child to do this by themselves; this will seem like a chore. Instead make it into a fun activity that you do together after birthdays, Christmas, or other occasions.
  3. Be the example. Don't expect your child to write thank you notes if you don't set an example by doing the same. When you receive a gift, be certain to show the gift to your child and then allow your child to watch you write your own thank you note.
  4. If your child cannot write yet, allow them to dictate a note to you in their own words. After you've done this, your child can add their own artwork so that the thank you note becomes their own.
  5. In order to encourage your child to write thank you notes even more, purchase special thank you note cards or stationery just for writing thank you notes. You can also dedicate a special pen just for thank you notes. This will continue to reinforce your child's understanding of thank you note writing being a special activity.

Early training in writing thank you notes will last a lifetime and you may even be surprised yourself one day by receiving a little thank you note from your child.

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