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Top 3 Information to Put on Your Business Cards

The information you put on your business cards should be approached in the same manner as the content you decide to place on your resume. Similar to a resume, business cards can essentially make or break your chances of getting that phone call for an interview. It's important that the content of your business card is accurate, concise, and represents your true value to future employers and colleagues. Besides the standard information to put on business cards like your name and contact information, there are other bits of information that could really add some value to your business cards and make them stand out from all other candidates. If you're struggling over the information to put on your own cards, here is a list of the top 3 information to put on your business cards.

1. Social Media Contacts: Your social media accounts are an extension of you. Give employers and colleagues the chance to get familiar with your skills by listing key social media contact information that reinforces your professional skills. If the job is an internet marketing or social media role, it would be extremely valuable to include this information. With only so much room to put information on business cards, a social media account can help expand upon your valuable skills.

2. Skills: Listing your skills is great if you have double-sided business cards. It doesn't have to be anything extensive; a simple bulleted list of skills would do just the trick. List your skills and technical abilities as they relate to what you can provide the company.

3. Objective: Including a simple objective makes it known to employers or colleagues what exactly it is you are looking to obtain. When you are looking for a new role, it is critical that you are very clear with your goals. This decreases any ambiguity and will help streamline the process when you are seeking out those opportunities.

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