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Top 5 Business Card Mistakes

When setting out to order your business cards, how can you be sure that you aren't making the classic business card mistakes? Sometimes designing your own custom business card makes it all the more likely that you will make a business card oopsie, the benefits of a custom business card far outweigh the downside of mistakes that you may make but it's still a good idea to wise up and not make these classic business card blunders. Here are the top five classic business card mistakes for which you should watch out:

  1. Typos and Spelling Mistakes: Double-check your business card yourself and then ask someone else to check the card for you. Sometimes if you know what you mean your mind will automatically interpret the word as what you intended it to say instead of what it actually says. Be on the safe side and ask for a quick scan by a co-worker or friend.
  2. Not Giving Enough Information: If your card doesn't give enough information about your work or company than you will more than likely be lost amongst the other business card that your potential client has collected.
  3. Giving Too Much Information. If your potential client gets overwhelmed by the information on your business card then they will probably discard it as useless. Don't put too much information on your business card; only put the information necessary to know what your business is about and your contact information.
  4. Choosing a Poor Quality Card: Don't skimp on your business cards! A business card of low printing quality is more likely to detract from your business than having no business cards at all. Splurge for a high quality business card and you are guaranteed to be paid back in no time with the clients that you will attract.
  5. Small Print: Don't try to squash so much information onto your business card that the print cannot be read without the help of a magnifying glass. Instead opt for a double-sided business card or cut down on some of the information you wish to include on your card.

In the end, your business card is what defines your business at first glance to a client, so be sure that it truly represents you and shows your best face. Don't let these classic business card mistakes trip you up and keep you down.

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