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Top 5 Graduation Announcement Designs

High school colors and the year of graduation may already be set in stone but every high school graduate has the option of adding a little personal flair to their graduation announcements. Beyond just changing the font style, there are numerous graduation announcement designs to choose from.

Here are the top 5 graduation announcement designs:

  1. The most common announcement hosts the graduate on the front. Ordering personalized cards with the photo pre-printed onto the layout lets everyone know right away who is graduating. It's also a great way to showcase your proudest moment with your senior photo or picture taken in cap and gown.
  2. Graduates that are only sending announcements to close friends and family often send cards that have photo inserts. This is an easy way to include a professional wallet size photo for the recipient to keep. When sending out an abundance of graduation announcements this route can become costly. You not only have to order the cards but you also have to purchase individual photos to include. This option is best for family members that you plan to give a senior photo to.
  3. When you think of graduation you visualize caps and gowns. It is no surprise that many graduation announcement designs have the graduation cap as a main image. You will see some cards with one large cap hosted on the front, most likely near one corner or on the side next to the text of the announcement. Some designs have an image towards the top of multiple graduation caps being thrown in the air, symbolizing the education milestone being complete.
  4. A more modern way that is professional and sleek on graduation announcements is having the year as an image hosted on the front of the card across one side. Usually the year is printed vertical with the high school graduate's photo next to it. This design also works well with simple font and no personal photo.
  5. For those that can't decide on just one photo to display, a photo collage announcement has become very popular. The text of the announcement is usually displayed in a box in the direct center of the announcement with multiple photos around it. This is the perfect way for the high school graduate to showcase their cap and gown photo along with a more casual senior photo. Some graduates even decide to show a photo from the past to display the distance they have come over the years.
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