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Valentine's Day Card Ideas

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Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for Family and Friends

heart shape valentines day photo card with gold envelope

People have been exchanging messages of love on Valentine's Day for hundreds of years. In the beginning, the celebration was strictly between sweethearts, but these days, we like the excuse to spread the love to just about everyone. February sometimes seem a little bit grim, stuck between the joy of the holidays and the expectation of spring, so Valentine's Day is a wonderful chance to send all your friends and family a little brightness and light. Here are some great Valentine's Day card ideas for all the special people in your life.

Photo Valentine’s Day Cards

pretty gold and teal valentine’s day photo card with baby picture

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to let family and friends know how much you love them. If you didn’t send holiday cards, photo Valentine’s Day cards are the next best thing. You can show your love and appreciation by sending your family and close friends a personalized Valentine’s Day card with a photo. Recipients will cherish your card, while remembering the creativity and thoughtfulness of your photo. You can choose a simple photo card with beautiful text or you can opt for a multi-photo card if you just can’t choose the perfect photo. Valentine’s Day is also a great way to reveal a beautiful photograph of your baby if you haven’t sent birth announcements. If you’re recently married, you can also send a Valentine’s Day card to loved ones using your wedding photograph. Any card with a custom photo is charming and leaves a lasting memory.

Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Day Cards

stylish pink and red valentine’s day photo card with baby

A heart is the universal symbol of love which rightfully makes a heart-shaped card the perfect option for your Valentine’s Day needs. Heart-shaped cards make a statement and easily convey your sentiment on this special day. These cards are fun for adults and also kid-friendly if you’re looking to use only one design. If you’re hosting a Valentine’s Day soirée, you can also use heart-shaped cards as beautiful decorations by creating a garland or placing these cards at every place setting. Whichever option you choose, heart-shaped cards are bound to put a smile on every person’s face.

Classroom Valentine’s Day Cards

blue robot kid valentines day card for classmate

Valentine’s Day for kids is often characterized by exchanging fun Valentine’s Day cards with classmates, as well as lots of candy. Children have a unique capacity for love, and they get a huge kick out of sending and receiving Valentine’s Day cards. When choosing age-appropriate Valentines, the rule is sweet and simple. If you’re looking for cards for your child to pass out to his or her class, remember that most schools now have policies about how cards are distributed to avoid hurt feelings. Kind, funny, and generic Valentine's Day card sayings are your best bet. And don’t forget the teacher!

Family Valentine’s Day Cards

beautiful pink family photo valentine’s day card

Sending a family-oriented Valentine’s Day card is a great way to let your loved ones know how much they mean to your family. Recipients will appreciate that you rounded up your entire household for an endearing photograph. Family photographs should show off your family’s different personalities while complementing your card’s design. You can choose a playful card design with plenty of hearts or you can choose an elegant and simple design with touches of gold or silver. Family photo cards serve as the ultimate gesture.

Modern Valentine’s Day Cards

modern gold Valentine’s day card with family photo

Your Valentine’s Day card doesn’t have to include pink hearts or ‘XO’ quotes. If you’re looking to try something new, sending a modern Valentine’s Day card is the perfect option. You can look for a gold or silver card that has a bold style while still expressing how much you care for your loved ones. Saying ‘I Love You’ to family and friends can truly be said any way.

Host a Valentine’s Day Party

If you forego sending Valentine’s Day cards, hosting a special Valentine’s party is an eventful way to start a new tradition. From a sweet cupcake tea to a champagne-infused bash, Valentine’s Day Parties are a wonderful way to brighten up the middle of this month. Hand out Conversation Hearts to the children at a Saturday afternoon event, host a tongue-in-cheek “Smug Marrieds” dinner to give you all a night away from the kids, or matchmaker at a fabulous single’s soiree. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you let everyone know in advance and in style with a beautiful Valentines Day party invitation.

Beyond the sentiments and sweet nothings of this romantic holiday, remember that the littlest gestures can mean a lot. As you choose Valentine's Day cards for all your dear ones this year, we hope this guide will help you to remind them of the special place they hold in your heart.

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