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How to Select the Perfect Photo for Your Valentine's Day Card

Most Valentine's Day cards are emblazoned with images of hearts in red and pink, or illustrations of love. Recently, more people are opting to create a Valentine's Day photo card with a picture of them or their loved ones. Photo cards are easier than ever to create online, and they're appropriate for every occasion, including Valentine's Day. Since this style of card is so new though, some people may have trouble coming up with photo ideas.

While the photo will depend on personal taste, there are some general guidelines you can follow to ensure that you create a beautiful Valentine's Day photo card. Depending on who the card is for, it could be a recent or old picture of you and the recipient, your kids, a new baby, or a photo that represents love to you.

  1. Choose the Right Card. Valentine's Day cards come in all different shapes and sizes, and so do photos. Once you decide on the photo you want to use, find a card that frames your photo perfectly. At Tiny Prints, we have dozens of card styles to choose from, with square, round, and multiple frames to place photos in.
  2. Color or Black & White? If you're choosing a vibrant red Valentine's Day photo card, a black and white card may be the perfect contrast, and can create a classy vintage look. On the other hand, if your picture has great red hues, or is particularly stunning, choose a less ornate card and let the color photo take center stage.
  3. Use the Zoom. When placing your photo on the card, make sure that it is sized correctly so that it's not too large or too small. The photo should be prominent, with large subjects. A Valentine's Day card is usually not the place for landscape photos - we want to see your loved ones' smiling faces up close. Just be sure that your photo is high quality so that it prints clearly.

Choosing the perfect picture or pictures to put in your Valentine's Day photo cards is easy and fun. Take part in this new tradition, sending out pictures of your family or sweetheart on this day of love.

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