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Valentine's Day Craft Ideas for Kids By

For adults, February 14th can mean many different things. To some, Valentine’s Day is a time to show their loved one how much they care. To others, this day (recently deemed "Single Awareness Day") is used as an excuse to spend some quality time with Ben, Jerry and late night TV. However, for young kids, Valentine’s Day is another opportunity to show their loved ones how much they mean to them with festive arts and crafts aside from giving them a Valentine's day card.

Young children not only want to shower their parents with these crafty gifts, but they are often required to bring Valentine’s presents for their classmates. The question is - what craft should you pick? You want something that is simple, something that doesn’t break the bank, and let's be honest, something that doesn’t result in what looks like Martha Stewart’s craft corner exploding all over your home.

When deciding upon which crafts to choose on Valentine's Day for kids, the dollar store is your friend. Read on to find out what clever, inexpensive and relatively mess-free Valentine’s Day craft ideas your youngster can engineer this February.

Mug of Love

All it takes to create this is a custom mug (a cheaper mug means less glaze, therefore, the better this works) and Sharpie markers. Let your little Van Gogh create their masterpiece on the mug with the Sharpies. Once finished, let the marker dry. If the artist makes any errors, no worries! Use a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol.

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Either you can let it air dry for many hours, or you can take the reins and use a hair dryer. Once dry, place the mug in the unheated oven to avoid cracking and then turn it on to bake at 425 degrees. Set the timer for 30 minutes. Once complete, turn off the oven, and leave the mug in there to cool.

Once cooled, run a rag over the image. If it stays, voila, you’re done! If it doesn’t, pop it in the oven for another shot.

For an added Valentine's effect, fill the mug with Hershey Kisses and curl some ribbons on the handle. Enjoy your morning coffee in your kids' mug-o-love.

Picture This

This is one of the easiest Valentine’s Day craft ideas that supplies a kid with endless creative fun. Grab a dollar store picture frame, stickers, gems, and beads. Let the kid go crazy and decorate the frame with the supplies.

Then they can choose a picture worth a thousand words to place within the frame. Whether it be a precious picture or a "heart in the hand" Valentine card the recipient is sure to love the handmade, heartfelt gift.

I Dig You

This is a simple and adorable gift for classmates that are simple to put together. Find a small beach shovel, little plastic bags, ribbons, and markers at the store for this creation.

Fill the bag with candy of your choice and secure it to the shovel with the ribbon. Then you can use the marker to write, "I Dig You!" on the bottom. You can even write "to" and "from" on the back of the shovel!

Love Freebies

All this craft takes is construction paper and stickers. Create an envelope out of a piece of construction paper that can be decorated. Then, cut smaller pieces of construction paper to go into the envelope with "coupons" for the recipient. These can range from "one free hug or kiss" to "clean up my room" to "do taxes." You know, normal tasks for an elementary school-aged kid. They’re cute, simple to make, and useful for the one receiving them!

Hugs and Kisses to all this Valentine’s Day!

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