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Valentine's Day Gifts

If you're stuck on selecting a Valentine's Day gift then this is the place for you! The following is a list of the top ten classic Valentine's Day gifts that you can give to your sweetie this Valentine's Day.

  1. Red Roses - Valentine's Day gifts don't get any more classic then a dozen (or two) red roses. Roses don't have to be just for ladies either, both genders can enjoy a beautiful bouquet and the love behind them.
  2. Chocolates - Perhaps even more classic than a dozen red roses, a box of chocolates is another gift that both genders love. After all, who doesn't love chocolates?
  3. Jewelry - Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, get the idea. For men this typically translates to watches though necklaces, rings, and bracelets are also acceptable.
  4. Lingerie - What Valentine's Day is complete without a little lingerie? This can be given to either gender, whether it's something for you or your sweetie to wear.
  5. Love letter - A few creamy pages with sweet nothings scribbled on them, inserted into a thick envelope and sealed with wax. What could be more romantic? Just pour your heart out or tell how you felt when you first laid eyes on your Valentine. It's sure to be loved and cherished for years to come.
  6. Candles - A yummy smelling candle is a sure gift to any Valentine. Who doesn't love a good smelling candle to fill the house with amazing scents, or to light while relaxing in the tub? If you're lucky you might even be invited to share in the tub and candle joy.
  7. Photo books - Photo books are an amazing gift for your loved one. You can take all of your pictures together and make them into a book, or have a wedding and honeymoon themed photo book. It's guaranteed to be a hit as well as a great memory saver.
  8. Poem - Write your own love poem to your Valentine. It can be as sweet or as cheesy as you want, Romeo had no problem with comparing Juliet to the Sun, feel free to take a few hints from Shakespeare or whoever inspires you the most when it comes to romance.
  9. Weekend Get Away - Another great Valentine's Day gift idea is to give your honey the gift of a weekend away whether at a bed & breakfast just 20 minutes away or in Paris, France.
  10. Massage - Whether you give it yourself after creating the perfect atmosphere with scented candles and oils or take your Valentine somewhere to have a dual massage, a massage is a great Valentine's Day gift.

With these Valentine's Day gift ideas, your Valentine's Day is sure to be a huge success! Don't forget to buy the perfect Valentine's Day card to accompany or announce your gift to your Valentine.

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