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Personalized Valentine's Gift Ideas for your Sweetheart By

Finding the perfect Valentine's gift for your sweetie can seem like an impossible task. You can always decide to pick up a chocolate heart or a teddy bear, but what if you want something a little more personal? Take something your Valentine loves to do and create the perfect Valentine's gift that will dazzle your darling. Here are a few of our favorite personalized Valentine Day gifts.

The Movie Buff

If your significant other loves movies, have a night in. Buy all their favorite movie candies and place them in a decorative popcorn bowl. Next, buy a movie, open up Netflix, or rent one from Redbox that your date wants to see. Your movie critic will give you rave reviews!

Kiss the Cook

A cook can always use new utensils. Buy some spoons, a whisk, and a spatula, and then place them in a cute oven mitt. Lastly, tie a bow around the mitt. A sassy or funny apron couldn't hurt, either. Your chef will bake and cook to their heart's content, and you'll get to be the taste tester!

The Wordsmith

If your partner loves word games, whether it's crossword puzzles or Scrabble, this is an adorable way to commemorate Valentine's Day. Choose some words that hold meaning (your names, an anniversary, when you met, first date, etc.), and some truly romantic adjectives. Use Scrabble tiles and arrange the selected words like one would on a Scrabble board -- crossword style! Paste them to a decorative piece of paper and then frame it.

The Handyman

Do you have (or want) a Mr. Fix-it on your hands? Purchase a tool belt and some basic tools (hammer, screw driver, measuring tape, pliers). Put them in the belt, and fill the other loops with love notes or their favorite candy. They get a useful and thoughtful gift, and you get a few more items checked off your Honey Do List. Win-Win!

The Drink Connoisseur

Does your special someone have a favorite drink? Gather the essential alcohol and mixers to make it, the specific garnish (lemons/limes, olives, cherries) and any equipment necessary (shakers, shot glasses). Find a nice box and give it to your honey. Your bartender extraordinaire will whip you both up something tasty this Valentine's Day.

The Caffeine Addict

Buy your loved one's favorite coffee grounds or beans, a coffee mug, cream and sugar. Then, tie a tag saying, "You're too sweet!"" If he or she loves tea, buy their favorite brand. Get sugar, honey, and lemon (depending on how they make their tea). Finally, attach a card to the honey saying, "Bee mine!""

The Planner

If you have a significant other that likes to plan ahead, then plan some time together. Figure out 12 fun dates to do over the next year, such as a picnic, a sports game, a musical or play, dancing, wine tasting, etc. Buy either a planner with the dates already penciled in, or put the details of each date in a manila envelope. The envelopes can be placed in a decorative basket with their favorite candies and a Valentine's Day card message. It will be the Valentine's Day gift that keeps on giving.

The Workaholic

Give your partner some ‘me' time. So she can pamper herself, purchase some nail polish, facemasks, scrubs, and lotion. Put them in a cute mason jar (visit your local dollar store) and voila! So he can take a load off, purchase his favorite beer or drink with some tasty snacks so he can enjoy his favorite sports team or show in peace.

The Sophisticated Sommelier

Try a new wine or an old favorite. Buy two wine glasses, a bottle opener and a decorative stopper. Finally, place all the goodies in a nice basket. Enjoy the night and make a memorable Valentine's staying in.

The Sports Fan

Got a sports fanatic? Buy some tickets to a game, memorabilia of their favorite team and pay for the food at the game. You'll have your loved one hooting and hollering your graces this Valentine's Day!

Add Valentine's Day card messages to one of these personalized gifts and your Valentine will be thrilled this February!

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