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What Items Should You Bring to an Interview?

Your first huge impression when job hunting is your job interview, that's why you should do your best to make it a lasting and positive impression so that when your potential employer thinks back through all of the job candidates you are the one in the forefront of their mind. Just what items are necessary when you go to a job interview? It's a very short but very important checklist, so be sure that you have all of the following:

  1. Resume: Perhaps the most important item that you can possibly bring is a fresh and clean copy of your resume. Yes, your employer probably has already seen a copy that you have faxed or emailed to them, but always be prepared just in case your employer doesn't have one handy. You should offer them your resume right after introducing yourself and shaking hands.
  2. Clean and neat appearance: Don't show up to your interview in jeans and a t-shirt, polish your shoes up and wear clean business clothing. If you're not sure about your clothing remember that it's always better to overdress than to under-dress.
  3. Business cards: Though not always mentioned in job interview advice, business cards make you seem polished and job ready. Someone who already has a business card seems to be much more ready to be a part of the business world than someone who does not have a business card. Unless your previous job was a well-known company, it may be appropriate to bring your personal card rather than a card with another company's information on it. Attach a business card to your resume when you submit it before the job interview and then offer it at the end as a part of your request for your interviewer's business card.

If you're thinking that having a business card before you land the job is getting ahead of yourself a little then think again! Business cards are not only a handy source of contact and don't have to be job related but also show that you are prepared and ready for a job in a business world. So prepare the three above items for your job interview and then prepare to plunge in and make a smashing first impression.

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