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Birth Announcement Timeline

Below, you will find valuable information that will save you time and help you create the perfect birth announcement. Be sure to read our etiquette section for more ideas and proper communication for birth announcements and other baby-related events like baby showers, baptisms and more.

When to Send

Ideally, birth announcements should be sent to family and friends immediately following the birth. However, with the added demand on the parents' time, remembering to send birth announcements on time can be easily forgotten. Baby announcements should be sent within the baby's first six months. If your newborn arrives around holiday time, combining the birth announcement with a holiday greeting is acceptable and quite popular.

To reduce the stress of sending birth announcements on time, it is best to plan ahead. Read the following section on what you can do before the birth to ensure the least amount of work to get your birth announcements in the mail.

When to Plan

There are many ways to make progress on your birth announcements prior to the baby's birth.

Two months before your delivery date:

Start compiling names and addresses of the recipients. Tiny Prints has made this simple through our online address book, which allows you to easily collect your family and friends' contact information in one place. You can use this address book to store all updated contact information that can be readily used when sending out invitations for baby showers, birthdays, baptisms and more.

One month before your delivery date:

In the last month of your pregnancy, determine exactly what you would like to send and get organized.

  • Choose the design and wording for your birth announcement. Next, look at Tiny Prints selection of unique birth announcements and find your favorite design, layout and colors (considering the baby's gender, your style and personality). Submit your order to allow ample time for printing and delivery.
  • If you have time to send a photo of your baby in the announcement, browse our birth announcement ideas for inspiration.
  • If you need samples to choose the perfect announcement, be sure to plan a few weeks ahead to order the samples. If you do not know your baby's gender, be sure to have one of each gender-specific designs chosen if you do not want a unisex announcement.
  • Many parents-to-be choose to preorder and address the envelopes prior to their baby's birth. This frees up valuable time after your baby is born. Tiny Prints offers an option to preorder envelopes for any of our announcements.
  • Also, purchase enough stamps from the post office, so you do not have to worry about postage after the birth.

After your baby arrives:

  • Be sure to send the announcement as soon after the birth as possible. Of course, given the demands on your time, allowing a few weeks to pass is acceptable. It is most important to send the news to your loved ones and colleagues to show them you care - after all, for many this will be the first communication with your newborn.


Most birth announcements include standard information, like the parent(s)' names, bab(ies)' name(s), birth date, birth weight, and length. Tiny Prints easy personalization process provides an intuitive step-by-step way to fill out and preview all of your information. You can either choose to use our suggested wording and layout or create the entire birth announcement yourself.

It is not necessary to hand sign the announcement or include a personal note in each card. Receivers understand that the parents are extremely busy, and they will appreciate just hearing from you and you sharing the news with them. Time and energy provided, you can include a short note to certain close relatives, but again, it is not necessary. It is proper for receivers of birth announcements to call you or send you a note.

Typically, it is not proper to explicitly state a no gift policy or direct recipients to a gift registry. Leave the decision in the receiver's hands, and let them contact you at their discretion. When you do receive a gift or thoughtful note, send a thank you card as soon as possible to convey your gratitude. Tiny Prints offers a unique selection of thank you notes and personal baby stationery. For a coordinated look, you can choose a birth announcement with a matching thank you card.

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