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Glossary of Stationery Terms



The yearly recurrence of the date of a special event. For example, the tenth anniversary of a marriage takes place 10 years to the day after a couple's wedding day. If they were married on June 1, 2008, their tenth wedding anniversary will be on June 1, 2018.


Printed cards that allow a person to inform friends, family members and acquaintances of an important event or occasion. Common announcements include birth announcements, marriage announcements and moving announcements.

Address labels

Small adhesive labels printed with a person's return address information. They are used on letters, packages and other mail items.


Baby shower

A party thrown in honor of a pregnant woman, during which friends and family members offer her gifts for her new baby. Many expectant parents choose to have couple's showers to include both partners in the celebration instead of focusing solely on the mother-to-be.


A religious ceremony often performed when a child is in infancy. It is marked by the symbolic application of water to the head or immersion of the body into water.

Bar mitzvah

A ceremony that marks the thirteenth birthday of a Jewish boy and welcomes him into the faith as an adult who is responsible for his religious duties. Many parents commemorate this special event with a bar mitzvah party with their son's friends and family members.

Bat mitzvah

A ceremony that marks the thirteenth birthday of a Jewish girl and welcomes her into the faith as an adult who is responsible for her religious duties. Many parents commemorate this special event with a bat mitzvah celebration with their daughter's friends and family members.

Birth announcement

A stationery item sent by parents shortly after a baby is born, announcing his or her arrival to family and friends. Many birth announcements feature photos of the newborn, along with the baby's name and birthday.

Business Appreciation Cards

A stationery item that allows a businessperson to thank customers or clients in a sleek and professional manner for shopping with his or her company, or for making use of the company's products and services.

Business Cards

A small card printed with an individual's name and contact information, including his or her company, title, address, telephone number and email address.



Thick, luxurious paper used for printing high quality stationery.


Professional food service provided for an event. Caterers are typically responsible for preparing, presenting and serving food and drinks to guests.


A Christian ceremony that involves both the baptism of a new baby and the act of publicly naming the infant.


Celebrated on December 25, Christmas is an annual festival of the Christian church commemorating the birth of Jesus. The holiday is currently regarded as a legal, public holiday and seen as an occasion for exchanging gifts and greeting cards.

Christmas Cards

A greeting card sent as part of the traditional celebration of the Christmas holiday. Intended to convey a range of sentiments related to the holiday season. Examples: Christmas Cards


The sacrament of the Eucharist in the Christian faith. A child's first communion is marked as an important occasion that is often celebrated with a party or reception after the event.



The high quality eco-friendly paper at Tiny Prints consists of 50% recycled content, including 30% post-consumer waste material. It is also elementally chlorine-free, which further reduces the detrimental effects that the printing process can have on the environment.

Employee Recognition Card

A stationery item that allows managers and business owners to thank their staff members for their dedication and hard work in a stylish and professional way.


The set of conventional rules governing the proper verse and style of important stationery items, including wedding stationery and birth announcements.



Small gifts distributed to guests at parties, showers or other special events.


A set of type of a certain style and size that can be used on stationery.


Gift tags

Small stationery items used for party favors and other presents. They can be adhesive or non-adhesive, folded designs, and can be customized to include names, monograms, dates and other information.

Greeting Card

A card sent in celebration of a special occasion or holiday, including birthdays and anniversaries. They can even be sent just to say hello.


A book signed with messages of love and appreciation by guests attending a special occasion. The guestbook is often cherished as a keepsake after the event.



A Jewish festival that commemorates the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem. Many observers of Hanukkah light one candle in candleholder called a menorah for each night of the eight nights of the celebration.

Holiday card

A stationery item sent to friends and family members as a way of extending kind thoughts and warm wishes during Christmas, Hanukkah and other special holidays.


Mommy cards

Small, personalized calling cards for parents who are looking for an easy way to hand out contact information to other parents, friends and associates. Mommy cards make it particularly easy to arrange play dates and other parent meetings.

Moving announcements

Printed cards that announce that an individual, family or business has relocated to a new address.


New Year Cards

Seasonal greeting cards exchanged between friends and loved ones as a way to wish each other health, wealth and happiness in the coming year.


Personal stationery

Thank you cards, blank notes and other writing material used to communicate with friends, family and other social acquaintances. Custom personal stationery often features a person's name or monogram in addition to a stylish design.

Photo cards

A greeting card or other stationery item that features a personal photo. Example: Photo Cards.

Place cards

A small card printed with the name of a party guest on it and placed at an appointed table to indicate where the guest should sit.

Pre-shipped envelopes

A service like the one at Tiny Prints that allows a customer to order and receive envelopes before placing a final order for customized cards or invitations.


A stationery item that lists the schedule of events for a ceremony, celebration or seminar for attendees to read and follow along.


Response card

Also called an RSVP card, a response card is a small stationery item included inside of an invitation that encourages guests to indicate whether or not they will attend the event. Guests should fill out their response cards and mail them back to the party host.


An acronym for the French request, "Répondez s'il vous plaît," RSVP commonly refers to a reply to an invitation that indicates whether a person will be attending an event or not.



A party held to honor and present gifts to someone. Common showers include bridal showers and baby showers.

Signature Matte White

Our uncoated Signature Matte White cardstock is one of our luxurious paper options. Most cards are printed on 110 lb. paper, but some products are printed on 100 lb. paper.

Signature Textured Ecru

Our uncoated Signature Textured Ecru cardstock features a subtle texture and creamy color reminiscent of fine artists' paper. Most cards are printed on 110 lb. paper, but some products are printed on 100 lb. paper.


A fixed, motionless or immovable object; an unchanging state. Frequently confused with the word "stationery." Example: The printing press remained stationary while the operator replaced the paper.


Fine paper and envelopes used for writing letters, notes and other greetings. Popular stationery categories include birth announcements, party invitations, business stationery and bridal stationery. Not to be confused with "stationary," which refers to an immovable or motionless object.

Sympathy Card

A stationery item that allows employers and managers to extend condolences to employees who have suffered personal loss or tragedy.


Thank you card

A stationery item sent to friends, family members and other social contacts to offer a written message of gratitude from the sender.


Welcome Card

A professional stationery item used to welcome new employees to an office environment with a warm message and stylish design.

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