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Send Valentine's Day Cards with a Twist!

Photo Valentine's Day Cards

Some people argue that Valentine's Day cards are cheesy—that this holiday was invented to benefit card companies and chocolate manufacturers. But we love the idea of sending Valentine's Day cards as a fun and silly way to let all of your friends and family members know that you care about them. If the thought of mailing dozens of goofy, heart-covered Valentine's Day cards makes you feel overwhelmed, try some of these unique ideas for sending Valentine's Day cards with a fun twist.

Forget your preconceived notions about Valentine's Day cards—you can send sweet photo Valentine's Day cards to all your loved ones even if you aren't in a relationship! Instead of including a picture of you and your spouse, family or children, simply take a witty photo of you doing something you love. For instance, if everyone knows you are a shoe fanatic, have a friend snap a picture of you in your favorite boutique, surrounded by stilettos and sling backs. Then include a caption on your Valentine's Day card that reads, "May You Find Your Sole Mate this Valentine's Day!"

If you are in a relationship, consider acting out memorable scenes from famous romantic movies for your Valentine's Day card photo. Give yourself big '80s hair and sit at a café with your man to stage that infamous scene from When Harry Met Sally. Or, you could embody old Hollywood glamour as Bogie and Bergman in Casablanca. Imagine how much fun your friends will have looking at a Valentine's Day card full of goofy, movie magic!

If you tire of traditional Valentine's Day cards full of frills, hearts and lace, consider opting for a more modern Valentine's Day card design featuring some of the more contemporary characters who have become popular in recent years. A "love machine" robot will certainly earn smirks and smiles from your loved ones.

Whatever Valentine's Day card you choose, make sure it's full of your own fun personal style. A charming card will help all your friends and family to fall in love with this wonderful holiday!

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