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What Information Should Appear on your Business Card?

It can sometimes be difficult to decide just how much (or how little) information to put on your business card. Here are a few rules of thumb that you can safely go by.

Contact information.

This is perhaps one of the most important things to put on a business card, after all, the entire point of a business card is so that the people you are giving the card to can contact you at a later date. Contact information includes email address, phone number, and perhaps even the physical address of your office (include your office number).

Your name.

No matter how important you may be, people forget names. It's a fact of life. Your name should be printed clearly on your personalized business card; this also will help avoid misspellings and perhaps even being called the wrong name.

Your company name.

Your company name and logo should be displayed prominently on your business card, the second purpose of a business card (after providing contact information) is to spread your business name across the face of the earth. If your company has a tagline, include that as well, it will make your card more memorable.

Your position in the company.

This information will be extremely helpful to anyone who is trying to figure out who to contact and how you can help them. This will also assist you in establishing your credibility and professionalism.

Above all, remember to check everything carefully for typos and misspellings. These can tarnish your image and make your company seem unprofessional and sloppy, not quite the first impression you want to leave.

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