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Best Ideas for Gender Neutral Photo Birth Announcements

Photo Birth Announcements

With so many parents waiting until their baby is born to find out the child's gender, it's no surprise that couples find themselves in a bind when it comes to selecting photo birth announcements. Since the first six months of the child's life are sure to be hectic for his or her parents, the thought of waiting until after the baby is born to select a photo birth announcement design seems unwise. Many couples attempt to choose a design before the child is born, but become uncertain about the gender neutral photo birth announcement options available to them.

In actuality, selecting a gender neutral photo birth announcement is much easier today. You can find many websites that offer photo birth announcements in a variety of colors, giving you the chance to pick a blue photo birth announcement or pink photo birth announcement when the time comes. All you have to do is find the right design!

Another great option if for couples who are worried about running out of time once the baby arrives is to order pre-shipped envelopes for your photo birth announcements. This service allows you to order and pay for your photo birth announcements without actually selecting a design. The company will send you envelopes immediately, giving you a chance to address and stamp them before the baby arrives. Once that happens, you can snap a photo, select your favorite photo birth announcement and complete your purchase.

Some couples aren't worried about time, but instead select gender neutral photo birth announcements based upon principal alone. If you don't want to play into gender stereotypes with your child's photo birth announcements, choose a neutral color such as yellow, green, brown or black. In the right shade, these colors will announce your new baby in adorable style without the burden of any gender stereotypes at all.

If you are waiting to discover your child's gender on his or her birthday, don't fret! Use some of the helpful hints above to find the perfect photo birth announcements to welcome the little one in a big, bold way.

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