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Preppy Christmas Cards

Whatever happened to preppies? Why, nothing. They are still here among the crowds, seemingly blending in but somehow managing to stand out. Perhaps you are even a preppy. If you are, then you realize that everything you do needs to reflect your preppiness, right down to your correspondence, including sending out preppy Christmas cards during the holidays.

All About Preppy Living

Originally the term “preppy” referred to someone in prep school. However, during the 1980s, it came to describe an entire lifestyle choice, from clothing to behavior. Here are some important refresher points about what it means to be preppy. First, some notes on behavior. Generally, you should carry yourself as if you are privileged. Exude an air of being in control. Expect only the best surroundings and the best service wherever you go.

Next, regarding clothing, choose a few signature pieces, although styles change every year. Check out designs from J. Crew, L.L. Bean, Abercrombie, Penguin and Ben Sherman. You should own at least one monogrammed piece. Consider investing in a tailor-made jacket. Pull-on polo shirts are other important fashion staples, as they look equally good on the golf course or, for a casual business look, paired with your tailor-made blazer.

Your shoes need to reflect the leisurely world of yachting and resort living. Choose comfortable, slip-on styles such as loafers and topsiders. For the beach, simple rubber thongs fit the ticket nicely.

Embracing the Lifestyle

Once you have mastered dressing and acting so that you reflect the appropriate manner, expand the pattern into everything you do, even down to the holiday cards that you send, because, of course, a preppy will still send out actual cards through so-called snail mail. From good grades to high-paying jobs, preppies focus on doing and having the best of everything. Come to think of it, the feeling of being satisfied with what you have, of thinking that it is the best, is not a bad way to live, even for those who don’t have monogrammed jackets.

Customer reviews 

July 15, 2015Great quality!

"I am so happy with the quality, design, and colors of this announcement. I selected the upgraded paper option and it was just beautiful!"

July 15, 2015Baby brunch

"The baby brunch invite is very beautiful. The paper in thick card stock and the envenlopes are a very good quality. It was fairly easy to customize my order. I thought I had put in some wrong info. I e-mailed them, and they were able to fix it for me."

July 14, 2015Wonderful picture mug

"This mug proved to be a perfect Father's Day gift for a proud new father. Designing the mug proved simple enough. Tiny Prints corrected an error I made, which I really appreciated. The pictures that I picked for the mug were perfectly placed, the color was very good, and the exposure was right on."

July 14, 2015fun labels

"I ordered these and used the suggestion of printing the name in white ink and their suggested font. However when I got them they are really hard to read the name. I wished I had used a darker or brighter color!"

July 14, 2015Beautiful Bump:Black

"The design was modern/contemporary, which was chosen to compliment the shower card. This thank you card reminds the guests again of the distinct personality and the nod to details that the mother-to-be possesses. The mother-to-be chose not to have her name printed on the card since she wanted to personalize it with her own hand. The paper had a high quality weight that you find in high-end printing supplies."

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